• Company Profile


    Water Management Group is a full service landscape irrigation consulting firm specializing in the planning, design and management of large scale landscape irrigation projects, such as master planned communities, golf courses, large commercial landscapes, park districts and municipalities.


    Established in 1988, Water Management Group works with private and public clients.  We have offices in Riverside, California and Budapest, Hungary.


    We are IA certified irrigation designers and auditors.  Our team members are seasoned water management professionals with extensive design and management background in the industry.


    We also offer financing of efficiency improvements of existing low efficiency irrigation systems.   The efficiency improvement is financed entirely by the reduction of water consumption, the savings we achieve, at no upfront cost to our clients.

    We control the variables of the water management factors through the development / rehabilitation (in case of existing systems) vertically from planning, design, installation (GPS/GIS) and operation.


  • Design Approach


    Water Management Group is a “green” technology oriented company, precisely controlling  water consumption for our clients..

    We take a volume based design approach, which focuses on the precise control of water consumption and high efficiency irrigation systems design.

    Our patented water distribution efficiency modelling technology allows us to verify water distribution efficiency.  When water distribution efficiency is lower than California State standard, 75%, we model solutions ranked in order of cost.

    Once we model the maximum water distribution efficiency, we duplicate the tested efficiency on the field.  We utilize GPS for duplicating and locating irrigation heads for new projects and drone-based surveying to collect irrigation field data for existing irrigation systems.

    Our services are vertically integrated from planning, through design, installation observation and management.

    In our design we centralize “stand alone” controllers through cloud based technology, so even non-central irrigation systems can be operated at maximum efficiency.

    To maximize water conservation, we use back-indication devices such are weather stations, flow and pressure sensors, and moisture sensors when appropriate.

    We extensively utilize CAD and GIS to create an interactive map system, that automatically calculates run time and programs controllers that can accept CAD and GIS databases.

  • Our Patented Spatial Distribution Technology


    Analysis of existing or proposed irrigation systems utilizing advanced proprietary software technology, provision of Infrared Water Budgeting based upon satellite imagery that distinguishes different plant types.  Our software identifies each high-resolution pixel for its color and classifies the state-of-the-art irrigation distribution and control systems, the efficiency of which is validated by PlanCheckPro software that assists municipalities and agencies to comply with AB 1881 requirements and promote water conservation BMP’s.

    Water Management Group has participated in various local water conservation task forces (Riverside County Water Conservation Committee, EMWD Water Conservation Task Force) in Southern California. WMG played a significant role in the development of the Riverside County Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance, as well as the State of California AB 325 process, the governing law for water management. Water Management Group has a staff of 12, with offices in Riverside, CA and Budapest, Hungary.


  • Our Team

    Mr. Geza Kisch


    Mrs. Szandra Megyery

    Project Manager

    Mr. Sean McFarland

    Principal of Marketing and Operations

    Mr. Tim Lindsay

    Director of Research

Water Management Group

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