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Water Savings Program

This is the water saving program for the Tesoro Del Valle Master Planned community (TDV), which covers approximately 800 acres. Out of that, a total of 92 acres are irrigated consisting of manufactured slopes, landscaped recreational facilities, streetscapes, and a sports park recently developed. For years TDV consumed 50% over its water budget. TDV’s project-wide irrigation system was analyzed in terms of design, installation, and operation. Problems were identified and a set of goals was developed for the project focusing on improving water distribution efficiency to the minimum state standard of 75%, adopting a map/graphic database-driven “visual control platform”, and centralizing “stand-alone” controllers through the cloud. Once the WMG efficiency improvement measures were implemented, water consumption was reduced by 43% saving $100,000 in 6 months. After 6 months WMG handed water management over to the maintenance company achieving ROI in 15 months.

Landscape Irrigation Water Management Plan

We define the proposed landscape irrigation water demand, match it with potential water supply options with the unique conditions of each project, set efficiency standards, and describe the technical measures and concepts necessary to achieve the goals of the project We also discuss the costs and benefits of all proposed water management measures and options and coordinate the plan with the appropriate agencies. If requested, we negotiate with the water district or supplier, anticipating various drought levels.

Landscape Irrigation Water Supply

Consumption & Management Agreement: This agreement, which is based on the water management plan developed, will assure a landscape irrigation water supply for the project and satisfy the requirements of both local and state laws. We assist in the preparation, coordination, and in the negotiation of the agreement. It is critical to the success of the project to successfully coordinate with the various disciplines and agencies involved.

Irrigation Master Plan

It is a tool to organize the methodology of the physical implementation of the water management effort. Irrigation master planning is the process of laying a foundation to create a uniform, hydraulically balanced, and highly efficient irrigation system design, which will conform to state and local mandated water management requirements. The plan will establish project-wide design, operation, and maintenance standards. If the Irrigation Master Plan is periodically updated, it can serve as the final large scale as-built document of the overall project. At each subsequent step within this vertical process, water demand and supply volumes will again be revisited, reviewed, and further refined as the design gets more specific. This approach ensures that actual water consumption will be in accordance with planned values.

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